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Dany J’s next hair color: Fundraiser

Dany Joshua, Charity Fundraiser, Web of CompassionAs a charity fundraiser, people can vote with donations to pick Dany Joshua’s next hair color. The choices are green, pink, red, purple or blue. The grand tally for each color will be revealed on May 27th at PERLÉ. Last night, on May 20th we opened the “poll” and the color pink is leading by a great marging. Here are the preliminary results so far: Here are the results after the Web of Compassion Social in Princeton:

Blue $1 $4
Green $1 $1
Purple $3 $20
Red $2 $7
Pink $23 $33

So, purple is catching up to pink. Remember that 100% of this fund-raiser will go to Web of Compassion to benefit the “Haiti Relief Effort” through the Haitian Consulate. Don’t be afraid to vote with $5 and $10 bills, remember that those votes count more than the Washington $1 votes.

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