Scarlet Mambo

Salsa Brava with the emotional presence of Flamenco

This video is one of the main soundtrack songs of “La Sangre Y La Lluvia” (Blood and Rain)., a new colombian film directed by Jorge Navas. I have been following this band for some time now, they are called “La Sucursal S.A. (official website)“, and they are from Barcelona. This song/video manages to capture the unmeasured capacity to feel emotional pain and agony that is characteristic and necessary in the most profound flamenco songs. In fact, their debut album, Lo Nuestro (2008), is full of surprises. For example, Marina “La Canillas”, singer of Ojos de Brujo is a featured singer in the track “La Bien Paga”, a subtle blend of antagonistic rhythms and origins.

The soundtrack song can be downloaded at no cost at the official website of the “La Sangre Y La Lluvia” film.

La Sangre Y La Lluvia Soundtrack

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