Scarlet Mambo

Mambo Tuesdays at 46 Lounge

46 LoungeNew York City is the mecca for Salsa dancers because of the quality and quantity of venues. Everyone knows that, but New Jersey now has a new Salsa venue that measures up to any dance social in the city. 46 Lounge, located in Totowa, New Jersey, hosts Mambo Tuesdays. It is hard to beat the services of this salsa spot. A mere $5 cover buys a dinner buffet, a Salsa class, and 5 hours of Salsa music for dancers by DJ Ray Colon.

And this is only the beginning. Let’s face it. It is not always about the money. The dance floor, in dancer’s dream condition, is surrounded by a trendy lounge setting. The perfect balance of dim and accent lights sets the mood for an afterwork drink, or to unwind in a relaxed, upscale, underground Salsa party.

Seasoned professional dancers are easily drawn to this venue. On the random Tuesday night that I attended in early June there was no shortage of Salsa pros. Real quick, let’s see: Magna Gopal, Griselle Ponce, Pzzass Dancers, Marcus Nieves and Kimberly, Bernie and gang from Plan B, etc etc.

Enough said? Good. Mark it on your calendar and support this Salsa event!

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