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Salsa Thursdays at Nova Terra are back

Nova Terra Mojitos Salsa Thursdays are back at Nova Terra! NovaTerrsdays! Live music starts at 10pm and it goes until 12:30am. The dancing ends early but we gotta go to work on Friday after all, and one can always go to Glo after Nova Terra. Cover charge is $5 only.

Swing Sabroso will be playing on Thursday, June 12th and June 26th. So go to Nova Terra, walk up to the bar, order a drink (mojito, mango martini, or a Dos-Equis beer), listen to the band, and dance salsa with one of the Scarlet Mambo members.

Nova Terra is located in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey. 78 Albany Street. Call 732.296.1600 for more info.

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