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12-Week Salsa Course: Learn How to Dance Salsa!

Dancing Makes you SmarterIt’s fun fun fun!

There is something about dancing that is good for the soul. Letting your body get carried away with the beat can be a therapeutic and energizing experience. This summer, discover all of the benefits of dance with the help of Scarlet Mambo.

Located in Highland Park, Scarlet Mambo is run by Dany Joshua, who is a dynamic and down-to-earth instructor who is committed to giving each of his dance students the time of their lives, regardless of their experience level. Scarlet Mambo’s mission is to promote the art of Salsa in New Jersey through social dancing, performances, choreographies, dance classes, and events.

Dany has been salsa dancing since 1998 and taught it at Rutgers University. He has trained with numerous Salsa instructors in New York and now brings his expertise to the residents of Middlesex County.

Scarlet Mambo features salsa dance classes for people of every level. Dany is committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible and guiding you through the steps it takes to be a superior dancer.

Once you have a few steps under your belt, Scarlet Mambo also invites you to the Salsa Party at Perlé Nightclub is an exciting event where guests will be treated to live salsa bands, DJ’s, and professional guest performers.

Discover all of the benefits of salsa dancing today and get your body moving!

Register for LEVEL 1
The cost is $139 for the 12-week cycle if you register online.

That’s it, pay once and learn to dance Salsa! Register online and pay less.
The cost for the 12-week cycle is $159 if you wait to register in person at the studio the first day of classes.

Learn How to Dance Salsa in New Jersey

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