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New: Latin Percussion Classes!

Learn to play latin percussion at Scarlet Mambo with Bob RamosLEARN HOW TO PLAY LATIN PERCUSSION
New! New! New!
Instructor: Bob Ramos

Salsa LEVEL 2: Cycle of 8 Weeks
Register online here

Learn to play the Latin percussion instruments in a tipical Latin Salsa group! Students will be taught the fundamental musical rhythms of the different styles of Latin American music and dance focusing on Rumba, Mambo/Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Bolero, Merengue and Bachata. This instructional course is tailored to the “Learn to Dance Cycle” scheduled on Tuesday evenings.

The goal is for students to become proficient enough to play for the Scarlet Mambo beginner dance class so that they can experience the excitement of playing various instruments in synchronization with live dancers.

There will be hands on instruction for conga, timbales, bongo, cowbell, maracas, güiro and clave. The eight classes will enable all participants to the learn the skills to play the basic and typical rhythmic patterns on each, and enable all participants to practice and understand how each instrument acts in unison with the others and supports the dance. Instruments will be provided, but students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own as well.

In 8 short classes students will have an understanding of the fundamentals of rhythm, drumming techniques and ensemble timing, which will enhance the student’s ability to listen to, dance, understand and enjoy the percussion section that has become so vital to Salsa music
and dance.

Tuesday 6:00pm- 7:00pm
Starts, Tuesday June 7th – through July 25th

Latin Dance Studio
431 Raritan Avenue (2nd Floor)
Highland Park, New Jersey 08904

The cost is $107 for the 8-week cycle if you register online.
That’s it, pay once and learn to drum! Register online and pay less. The cost for the 8-week cycle is $120 if you wait to register in person at the studio the first day of classes.

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