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Scarlet Mambo’s OPEN HOUSE: VIDEO

We would like to thank everyone that attended the OPEN HOUSE at the new Scarlet Mambo Latin Dance Studio. It definitely was success beyond any of our expectations and we were so glad to receive such positive feed back. We also want to thank all the Scarlet Mambo members that made this event possible.

Everyone keeps asking when is the next social, so please stay tuned for more details, because perhaps there will another social. In the meanwhile, please give us your feedback so we can improve in the future:

We would like to hear your feedback about the OPEN HOUSE!!! Leave a comment in the forum of the Facebook Fan Page of Scarlet Mambo (and please “LIKE” our fan while you are at it).

If you missed the OPEN HOUSE Salsa Social, please take a look at the video by Tricia Dougherty, one of most active supporters and fans.

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