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Salsa and Latin Rock. 2 Rooms, 2 Parties at Perle

tacuba thursdays @ perle. latin rock, rock en espanol. new brunswick, nj

As a disc jockey, I have always felt that I was missing something when I played music. Years ago when I played Latin Rock in my weekly radio show at WRSU 88.7FM, I wished that I could play Salsa. And when I spun Salsa records at socials and nightclubs, I wished that I could play Latin Rock. It’s remarkable that after more than 10 years of spinning music, I have the opportunity to join two of the genres that I love.

Our Thursday night party at Perlé got an official megabuster addition. The RED ROOM, the 2nd lounge at Perle will open every Thusday featuring Latin Rock, Latn Pop, Latin TOP 40, World Beats, and Tropical. This ad-hoc party is called TACUBA THURSDAYS @ PERLÉ. It starts on March 4th, every week.

For more info, visit the Upcoming Events page.

Let’s clarify. SALSA THURSDAYS will continue as usual in the main room. TACUBA THURSDAYS will be take place in the RED ROOM. Two parties. Two rooms.

In my not so humble opinion, I have put together a killer team of disc jockeys. DJ LEO G, DJ LEO COTTO, DJ La C. GUAPA, and yours truly DJ DANY J will be in the rotation of disc jockeys for TACUBA THURSDAYS. And along with DJ RICKY V, this team promises to rock two (2) parties on Thursday night.

Soon, I will introduce each member of the team, along with his/her respective biography and photograph. So stay tuned.

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