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Two Types of Salsa Parties in New Brunswick, New Jersey

DJ Dany JQuite a few people have been asking important questions and volunteering feedback about the recent changes in the Salsa parties. Thank you to everyone that gave me their opinion. With this in mind, let me clarify and explain the differences between the two parties.

Salsa Thursdays @ Perlé Nightclub will feature Salsa Classics, and a some amount of Bachata, Merengue and other party genres. This party will have a little bit of everything, a little hard salsa, a little commercial salsa, lots of classics, some Bachata, Merengue etc etc. We might even try some “Rock En Español” at the end of the night. Perlé Nightclub is a large and trendy venue so it lends itself to be more flexible and all-inclusive party. And the music must reflect that.

Hard Salsa Saturdays” is a party for Salsa dancers. This party will feature lots of Salsa, and lots of Hard Salsa especially. There will be a few other things mixed through the night but the ‘bread and butter’ of this party will be music for hard Salsa dancers. The “old 360” is a more intimate and warmer place, so it has more potential for that hard sound that Salsa dancers adore.

In the end, each event and venue has a personality of its own. The Salsa music played at each venue must resonate with the natural acoustics of the place and personality of the crowd. For decades, New Brunswick has been home to a very organic music scene! In the last few years, we have been building a public that is becoming addicted to Salsa music, and this public is very demanding in its tastes. For that reason, we have two different kind of events and venues… and music.

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