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New Jersey Salsa Reunion at 360 Lounge

This Salsa reunion party will put together under one roof the best talent of yesterday and today! We already have attendance confirmation from many instructors, dancers, DJ’s and personalities. If you are a relatively newcomer to the Salsa scene, this party is for you too! If you danced at Club Paradise, enough said!!! If you were a regular at Nova Terra, 360 Lounge is only two blocks away! NuevoTec Productions will cover this Salsa reunion.

Salsa in New Jersey

Class Schedule

As of Nov, 11th. 2:42pm. Confirmed to attend:
Mario B & crew, Marcus & crew, Yesenia & crew, Bernie, DJ Orlando, DJ/MC Get Bizzy Izzy, Willy Will, Johann from Jersey Salsa, Allan or Harry from NuevoTec, Irene, Junior, Greg, Joey, Danny, Manny, Brenda, Betsy, Josh, Tommy, Ellery, Carlos C., Carlos G., Louie, Walter, George, Pablo, Leo, Makensie, Lissa, Maribella, Alex R., Jimmy, Veronica, Mike, Delila, ngie, Alex M., Elvis, Geo, Sal, Richie, Laurent, Arnold, Bert, Elsie, Fernando, Juan, Jimmy, Gabe, Alan, Jose, Julie, Freddy, Edita, Lilian, Marisol, Madeline, Stefano, Rachel, Ellie, Erin K., Josh, Elena, Rasna, Jade, Samantha, Marie, Rebecca, Brenda, Palash, Johanny, Eyup, Alana, Roberto, Ellie, Laura, Leon, Merve, Stalin, Patty G, Laura, Pete, Yana, Don, Amarilys, Lyne, Julie, Andrea, Sara, Tandy, Camila, Lisa, Gina, Thidian, Luis, Lyne, Antonio LaConga, Dany and Lenny

And the lists keeps growing everyday….

New Jersey Salsa Reunion at 360 Lounge, New Brunswick, NJThursday, November 13th 2008 – 10pm

This weekly party is already a hit! Cool trendy people are always in attendance at this downtown Salsa spot. Photos albums of recent weeks. More here and here.

Drink Specials:
$4 Margaritas, $3 Buds, $2 Shots

Free Cover before 9pm.
Reduced before 10pm.

DJ Dany J & DJ Leonard
Classic Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Bachata. For serious dancing!

Free Salsa Lessons – (2) Levels
by Scarlet Mambo at 9:00pm

360 Lounge, 120 Albany St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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