Scarlet Mambo

Thank you for a Great Salsa Birthday

I want to thank everyone that made this birthday special. The list goes on and on. My mom, Tania, Andrea, Camila, Lyne, Gina, Leon, Tommy Torres, Lisa, Veronica, Jimi, Lenny, Antonio La Conga, Yana, Don, Henri, Neil, Carla, Edita, Natasha, Angie AND TRICIA!!!… and the list goes on and on. Thank you for dinner, for the drinks, for the birthday dance, for your cards and presents, for the cake… and for being there! See you tonight!

Scarlet Salsa Thursday – Dany Joshua’s Birthday Photo Album @ 360 Photos courtesy of Tommy Torres. This photo album is also on facebook. You can tag yourself if you see a photo of you.

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