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New Salsa Class Schedule for July 2008

Scarlet Mambo has a new schedule and a new location yet again. Our Salsa friends, Liza and Gonzalo, instructors at Princeton University, are away for the month of July. So they have asked Scarlet Mambo to make a guest appearance as instructors every Tuesday in July.

Scarlet Mambo New Brunswick NJ New Jersey

Tuesdays @ Princeton Univ
8pm Salsa Intermediate On2
9pm Salsa Beginner On2

Wednesday @ IM Gallery Studio
8pm Salsa Intermediate On2
9pm Salsa Beginner On2

Friday @ IM Gallery Studio
8pm Salsa Advanced On1
9pm Salsa Spins, Tricks, Drops, Styling etc.

The complete details are located in the “Class Schedule” page. You can register online for most classes (it takes 2 minutes)!

Rutgers people, don’t fret! Dany is not changing teams and joining our Ivy-League rivals down south. Dany is only teaching in Princeton U. in a Rutgers ambassador capacity. Okay? Scarlet Mambo is still… well… Scarlet. Maybe Rutgers will be the Birthplace of Intercollegiate Salsa.

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