Scarlet Mambo

Bailamos 2008 – Salsa Night at Rutgers University

“Bailamos” was so much fun this year. The RU Salsa Club did a splendid job organizing this event. Angie, you gets lots of kuddos! Let’s review a bit. Swing Sabroso performed live Salsa music. Dinner was excellent. There were lots of Salsa dancers. We had five great performances: Angie (singing), Scarlet Mambo Girls, Scarlet Mambo, RU Salsa Club and Fuzion Creativa. For you that missed it… oh well! Just kidding. Here are two videos of the performances of the night.

For more videos, visit the Scarlet Mambo YouTube Channel

Scarlet Mambo Performs “Salsa Dura” – Dany J. and Camila D.

Scarlet Mambo Performs “Pesadilla” – Camila, Lisa, Lyne and Nadya.

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