Scarlet Mambo

Website Improvements – New Videos and Photos Galleries

I am pleased to announce a few updates! has a few improvements

  1. The new Photos page on the top menu works seamlessly with Facebook Photos. If you like the layout of Facebook’s albums, then you will be pleased to notice that the Photos are displayed in the same fashion.
  2. The new Videos page on the top menu displays a video gallery from Youtube. Now you can see our Scarlet Mambo videos directly from this site.
  3. The Dance Group page now shows all the members of the Scarlet Mambo team. New additions are Lisa, Lyne, Nadya and Luis.
  4. Visit our other locations of Scarlet Mambo on the web: Facebook, Myspace and Youtube. The aim of Scarlet Mambo is to be an information source and social portal for Salsa dancers.
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