Scarlet Mambo

Scarlet Mambo All-Girl Team performs at Mario B’s

On Saturday, January 26th 2008, the Scarlet Mambo All-Girl Team made its debut with the Salsa performance “Pesadilla” at Mario B’s Salsa Social in Jersey City, New Jersey. This medium-tempo song expresses that life without Salsa would become a Nightmare (Pesadilla). And after watching this performance, one can clearly feel the theme of the song.

This team is made up of Lyne, Camila, Nadya and Lisa. The girls looked as beautiful as ever in their black and silver outfits.

The Full Picture Album for Pesadilla is now available on facebook.

As if this was not enough, Scarlet Mambo also performed its seasoned number “Otra Rumba” (Gina, Tee, Camila and Dany). This video shows a little preview of “Pesadilla”.

Like always, Tricia made the photos and the video available faster than anyone.Congratulations to the four girls for an awesome performance!!!

Special thanks to Jim, Elizabeth, Tracy, Jonathan, Luis, Jose, Alberto and Gina for coming out to support Scarlet Mambo!!! Tricia, thank you for the quick photos and video! Jimmy and Veronica, thank you for your ever-lasting friendship!!!

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