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El Cantante – Bringing Salsa to the Masses

El Cantante - Hector Lavoe
El Cantante in Theaters in the New Brunswick, NJ area

For salsa dancers, salsa music is as familiar and as necessary as the air they breath… for salsa dancers. However, salsa is not Pop Culture, there are still loads of people that have not been introduced to the beautiful world of salsa.

El Cantante, released Friday, Aug 3rd 2007, is a movie featuring the life of Salsa singer Hector Lavoe (played by Marc Anthony).

I’m not posting the movie trailer, that would be too corny here. But here is an original clip of Hector Lavoe singing “El Cantante” live in 1979.

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FYI: Here is schedule link of movie theaters playing “El Cantante” in the New Brunswick area.

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