Scarlet Mambo

Photos of Bailamos 2007

Bailamos, hosted by the RU Salsa Club, was a great hit last night at the Douglass College Center. The event kicked off with music by DJ Dany J at 8:00pm at the classy ballroom of Trayes Hall. Within half-hour the room was full of attendees. Dinner was promptly served at 8:45pm. Scarlet Mambo opened the event at 9:15pm with a Salsa performance. Swing Sabroso took the stage and performed live. Angie Gomez, RU Salsa Club member, sang two original bachata songs. The RU Salsa Team performance headlined the event with a four-couple salsa routine.

RU Salsa Team

Angie Gomez

Scarlet Mambo

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Swing Sabroso

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