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Joe Radigan’s Interview with Consensus Draft

Joe Radigan

Joe Radigan, Punter for the Rutgers Football team and President of the RU Salsa Club, is a good friend of Scarlet Mambo and therefore we are pleased to showcase him.

Joe was interviewed by CDS Radio ( on March 29th, 2007. In the interview, Joe discusses his experience at Rutgers as a football player, his plans for the future, and his dancing experience in the RU Salsa Club.
Click here to hear Joe Radigan’s interview.
Partial – Joe Radigan talks about the RU Salsa Club
2 Mins 22 Secs.

Click Play to Hear Interview

Joe Radigan

Full Interview – Joe Talks about the Rutgers Team and More
15 Mins 28 Secs. (Click Play)

Click Play to Hear FULL Interview

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