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Fixes and Solutions to Bad Dancing Floors

OK, so we have all experienced dancing on floors that are either too slippery or too slow and rough. You’re trying to do some crazy shine or styling move and your feet either get stuck to the floor or you can’t stop yourself. Ahhh!! It’s a dancer’s biggest nightmare, especially for the ladies!

So what can you do to solve the problem? I found a great article that outlines all of the quick fixes and permanent solutions to many of the problems that dancers face. Everything from do-it-yourself suede soles to purchasing a different shoe for every type of floor out there (too expensive though). This article also addresses all of the things a dancer should NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER do to alter the surface of a dance floor.

Fast floors (Slippery floors)

  1. Try wearing shoes with more of a grip.
  2. Scuff the bottom of your shoes. Alternatively, go to the bathroom and wipe clean the bottom of your shoes with wet toilet paper. Then dry the soles of the shoes with dry toilet paper.
  3. Takes smaller steps, bend your knees more than usual.

Slow floors (Sticky floors)

  1. Try wearing shoes with non-rubber soles or actual dance shoes.
  2. Stick a name tag on the bottom of your shoe or add some tape (masking tape, packing tape, duct tape, etc).
  3. Take bigger steps and when you turn or twist lift your feet up rather than keeping them in place.

Never ever ever do the following:
Every Dancer should read this section. Yes that’s right… No more dumping powder on a dance floor to add some slip to your grip!

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