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Thank You Cindy Torruelas

We want to recognize Cindy Torruelas for her work and her contribution to the Salsa community during the last few years. Singled-handed and without any motivation for monetary compensation, Cindy maintained a weekly e-newsletter with the sole purpose of informing the public about Salsa events and dance lessons. For many years her newsletter served as a beacon of light for those Salsa adventurers that wanted to expand their horizons in Salsa dancing. Cindy has been responsible for spreading the Salsa message and for bringing so much joy to Salsa enthusiasts in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Due to other commitments, Cindy will no longer publish her newsletter. With a bit of sadness, we want to express these words as a token of our appreciation for her work. But most importantly we want to underscore her values and respect for the work of others. The style of her newsletter — clear, inclusive, and honest — reflected her own personality and integrity. Hers in an example to follow.

Thank you, Cindy! You have made an invaluable contribution.

– Scarlet Mambo

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  1. Thank you for those kind words. I met so many wonderful people who share my love of all things salsa, and getting to know you has been one of the highlights! Muchos abrazos, hermanito & see you on the dance floor!!

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