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New Schedule for Rutgers Salsa Dance Lessons

Salsa in NJ Rutgers Salsa ClassesIf you didn’t already know, Rutgers University is offering Salsa On2 dance classes. Eddie-Torres-Style Salsa, New-York-Style Salsa, Salsa On2 or New York Mambo or whichever name you call it, Rutgers has it!

The new Rutgers rec courses catalog for Spring 2009 is available now at There are 4 Salsa courses beginning on Jan 31st and Feb 3rd. Each course is six (6) weeks long and will cover the same material as many New York, Salsa On2 dance classes.

Registration opens on Wednesday, January 21st. The Friday courses are open to the public!!!

Online registration is available (See the Class Schedule page for details). Register also by phone at 732.932.8203 or in person at the College Avenue Gym.

Salsa in New Jersey: Class Schedule

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