Scarlet Mambo

Scarlet Mambo Salsa Videos – Full Versions!

Scarlet Mambo has been very active during the last couple of months. Teaching private classes and performing! These are videos of December 2007, January and February 2008. A few more videos are in the works and will be up soon.

This is a composite video of two Salsa performances by the Scarlet Mambo Girls at Mario B’s Salsa Social and UMDNJ (Univ Of Dentistry) Dinner Gala. The name of the Song is “Pesadilla” by Ocho Y Media (a French Salsa Band based in Paris). This video is featured in Ocho Y Media’s official blog !!!

On this video, Scarlet Mambo performs its veteran routine “Otra Rumba” in Princeton, NJ at the Central Jersey Dance Social.

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